Return process

Products listed on the Asourcing website are clearly indicated by the manufacturer and the model number. Please carefully check the product model and manufacturer before placing the order. After the user successfully places an order, I GYRE ELECTRONICS will delivery directly according to the order requirements.

Return and exchange acceptance conditions

    1. If the actual receipt and order quantity are not correct, the model does not match. The return and exchange application can be filed within one week after receiving the goods. If the packaging is damaged, please keep the original status and take instant photo contact, and the overdue will not be accepted.

    2. Return and exchange products, please be sure to keep the original packaging (including outer packaging, inner filling) and ensure that the goods are in good condition. If they are lost or damaged, they will not be sent back.

    3. If the application for return is attributable to product quality problems, the customer shall provide a detailed performance test report as the basis for a sourcing's negotiation with the supplier or the original manufacturer. If necessary, a third-party inspection report approved by both parties is a need.

    4. A client's misdirected goods, I GYRE ELECTRONICS accepts at its discretion, and has the right to receive a restocking fee of 30% of the invoice value of the goods for any goods returned as a return.

    5. The invoiced order must be returned to the invoice after the return of the application.

Return and exchange will not be accepted

    1. The product is not sold and shipped by I GYRE ELECTRONICS;

    2. The original packaging and cargo label of the product are damaged;

    3. The delivery time is more than one week (subject to the delivery date/delivery receipt date);

    4. Lost the invoice issued;

    5. The product has been used/tested by the customer (except for inherent defects);

    6. Issues that cause product quality include, but are not limited to, accidents, abuse, unreasonable use, misuse, power problems, failure to follow product instructions, and/or storage and/or installation of products, failure to perform required preventive maintenance , normal wear and tear, natural disasters, fires, floods, wars, violent acts or any similar incidents; I GYRE ELECTRONICS personnel or non-Asourcing authorized persons to commission, repair or support, process or resell products, and use non-I GYRE ELECTRONICS supplies The problems caused by the parts.

Cargo return process

    1. Contact Asourcing Online Customer Service to feedback your product issue.

    2. After receiving the application for return and exchange, the customer service staff will contact you within two working days to confirm the problem.

    3. After confirmation, the customer service staff will approve the return application, and will send email to your website registration email to inform the details of the return.

    4. Once you have obtained your consent, you will be required to ship the goods to the designated address as soon as possible.

    5. I GYRE ELECTRONICS will arrange a refund or re-delivery after receiving the return and acceptance.